VeteranSec Announces Partnership with eLearnSecurity

VetSec is extremely excited to announce a partnership today with eLearnSecurity.

In line with the mission of our non-profit to provide free or reduced training to our veterans or transitioning military, eLearnSecurity has graciously extended their Penetration Testing Student (PTS) course to 10 of our members.

Over the following weeks, these VetSec members will be providing write-ups here on their experiences with the course. These write-ups will include their opinions, thoughts on the what the courses did well, and how the eLearnSecurity courses have assisted their journey in the Cyber Security career field.

The VetSec members chosen for the eLearnSecurity training were selected by their dedication to the penetration testing related Slack channels such as #pentest-and-bounties, #htb, and #open-ctf, and the the community overall.

We look forward to their blog posts and congratulate them all.


  • Awesome news on the partnership. Been with Elearn for a min. Just found VetSec last week. Hope you guys dont change too much. I really like your style.

  • Thanks for the opportunity to try out the PTS course. 🙂