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Our strategic partners have given back to us and our fellow members through discounts,  donations-in-kind, or other forms of close on-going collaboration. 

Our community partners are organizations with similar visions that we strategize with, collaborate with, and support.

Interested in partnering with us? Reach out to [email protected] or use the Contact Us page to get started.

Immersive Labs is the world’s first human cyber readiness platform. Our technology delivers challenge-based cybersecurity content developed by experts and powered by the latest threat intelligence. Our unique approach enables businesses to battle-test and evidence their workforce’s preparedness to face emerging cyber threats. 

We provide free access to certain individuals through our academies to help identify new talent based on skills, not degrees or certifications. Our enterprise customers and sponsors advertise jobs via our web-based platform to hire without bias, helping to increase diversity within their organizations. For more information visit

Through our partnership, VetSec + Immersive Labs has the only Veteran Digital Cyber Academy in the United States, free to all of our members through the Immersive Labs Cyber Million Program.

TechVets is a non-profit established in March 2018 and now a programme within RFEA – The Forces Employment Charity.

TechVets mission is to build a bridge for British Military veterans and service leavers into cyber security and technology careers. In doing so, TechVets builds on the strengths of veterans to support the UKs digital economy.  To achieve this, TechVets provides opportunities for veterans, service leavers, full-time and reservist serving persons to join our amazing community, to learn and train using leading resources and to receive valuable employment support.

TechVets has been a community partner of VetSec since mid-2020. VetSec and TechVets have hosted friendly capture-the-flag competitions, and leadership collaborates frequently on how best to serve their respective military and veteran populations.  Together we’re stronger.

Slack is the collaboration hub that brings the right people, information, and tools together to get work done.  From Fortune 100 companies to corner markets, millions of people around the world use Slack to connect their teams, unify their systems, and drive their business forward.

Thanks to a gracious donation from the team at Slack, our community platform is possible.  The Slack team graciously donated a Pro plan to VetSec, Inc., ensuring features like our ability to bring in outside organizations and recruiters, conduct video chats, and securely and safely discuss mental health.

Haiku has revolutionized cybersecurity training for anyone, by teaching hands-on, real-world cybersecurity skills that can lead to a lucrative career, in the form of video games.  Their product suite includes World of Haiku, a downloadable cyberpunk video game that teaches real world skills while playing a game.  Haiku Pro is their browser-based tool that provides hands on skills training in the cloud for security professionals and users of World of Haiku.

VetSec is proud to partner with Haiku and offer a 20% discount for veterans on Haiku products.  Thanks to this partnership, VetSec’s resume support programs are complemented by Haiku Pro’s Job Connect and Skillz Resume features. Thanks to the team at Haiku for their generosity.

Founded from pure passion for the industry, our mission has always been to make the Cyber world a safer place.

Level Effect started as a software company, developing Recon™.

Recon™ is the first EDR solution that merges endpoint forensics with sophisticated network traffic visibility with no appliance required. That software was acquired in 2021 by Huntress Labs. (read more here). 

In July 2020 we launched the first Cyber Defense Analyst Bootcamp on our custom built Level Effect Learning Platform. 

We aim to deliver the highest quality learning experience to our students.  We do that by focusing on the most relevant skills and information students need to succeed within an organization in a Cyber Security role.

Through Level Effect’s partnership with VetSec, they are providing two seats each cohort to their Cyber Defense Analyst bootcamp.

Additionally, any member that wants to attend can do so at a deeply discounted tuition of $500 off for any member that is interested.

CompTIA is a leading voice and advocate for the $5 trillion global information technology ecosystem and the estimated 75 million industry and tech professionals who design, implement, manage and safeguard the technology that powers the world’s economy.

Through education, training, certifications, philanthropy and market research, CompTIA promotes industry growth; the development of a highly-skilled workforce and a commitment to creating an environment where innovation happens and the opportunities and benefits made possible through technology are available to all.

VetSec is a CompTIA Authorized Academic Partner, which gives all of our members discounts on vouchers and training products through CompTIA.

Fortinet secures the largest enterprise, service provider, and government organizations around the world.  Fortinet  empowers its customers with intelligent, seamless protection across the expanding attack surface and the power to take on ever-increasing performance requirements of the borderless network—today and into the future. Only the Fortinet Security Fabric architecture can deliver security without compromise to address the most critical security challenges, whether in networked, application, cloud, or mobile environments. Fortinet ranks number one in the most security appliances shipped worldwide and more than 500,000 customers trust Fortinet to protect their businesses.

Through our partnership with Fortinet, transitioning members can obtain training, lab access, and a voucher for every Fortinet certification there is.  Additionally, our members have access to the FortiVet program, which provides additional networking and resume advice directly from Fortinet.

Splunk is the world’s first Data-to-Everything(tm) Platform designed to remove the barriers between data and action, so that everyone thrives in the Data Age.  We’re empowering IT, DevOps and security teams to transform their organizations with data from any source and on any timescale.

As part of the $100 million Splunk Pledge, we have committed to supporting efforts to train the workforce of tomorrow, equipping veterans and former service members with the Splunk skills to position you for the jobs of today.

The SplunkWork+ community you are about to join is for current service members, veterans, and spouses in partnership with VetSec, Inc. Through this program, you will have access to award-winning eLearning courses that will help prepare you for cutting-edge jobs that are available right now with companies around the world.

America’s service members, veterans, military spouses, survivors, and their families are disproportionately targeted for online crimes that can have a devastating impact on their personal and financial well-being, and our national security.

VetSec is proud to partner with the Cybercrime Support Network, a non-profit with a mission to serve individuals and small businesses impacted by cybercrime, through their Partnership to Fight Cybercrime in the Military & Veteran Community.

Hack The Box is a massive, online cybersecurity training platform, allowing individuals, companies, universities and other organizations around the world to level up their hacking skills.  Hack The Box has over 275 machines of scalable difficulty with different operating systems and attack paths.

Hack The Box is providing a steep discount to both their annual VIP and VIP+ subscriptions as a way of helping the veteran community, and will be working with VetSec for community events and giveaways throughout the year.

CyberKnights is a cybersecurity skills assessment and workforce development portal built on the National Initiative Cybersecurity Education (NICE) Framework, a widely-adopted standardized taxonomy.  CyberKnights enables assessment and development of skills by individuals, employers, government, and academia.

Individuals can register for free to establish a cybersecurity skills portfolio. Registered CyberKnights can learn how the NICE Framework helps identify knowledge and skills they currently have and how they can add more to their skills portfolio. The portal will display alignment of their skills portfolio to job opportunities posted by employers. Individuals can also search on academic institutions/training providers offering courses and certifications to achieve their career goals and add those knowledge and skills to their portfolio upon completion.

Through the partnership of CyberKnights and VetSec, veterans can establish a skills portfolio for their career journey, showcasing their knowledge and skills growth to increase their alignment to job opportunities.

TCM Security is a veteran-owned cybersecurity company focused on providing top of the line penetration testing, security training, and compliance services.  Through their Academy, they are disrupting the cybersecurity education space with high-quality, low-cost training made by quality instructors.

TCM Security is providing discount on their PNPT certification and courses, as well as one PNPT voucher with training quarterly to a VetSec member in need.

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