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Our community is comprised of over 3,300 members who’ve traveled in your shoes.  Join your fellow peers in a community built to serve your fellow veterans and provide support and advice on transitioning into cybersecurity.  VetSec provides a safe environment to support you through your military transition, navigating the benefits you’ve earned through your sacrifice, learning the disciplines/domains of cybersecurity, and setting you up for success in the industry.

No matter what the challenge is that you’re facing, our community is always here to support.  There are channels ranging from technical topics like programming, digital forensics and incident response, and industrial controls systems to channels supporting the military and job transition on navigating the benefits through the VA, resume and interview assistance, to our own dedicated mental health support channel.

Join in our Capture the Flag channel and begin with hands-on learning.  We have teams in Hack The Box and TryHackMe where we show our teamwork, bring out the fun in the community, and get together to tackle some challenging exercies.  All of our community activity happens in our online forum where people who have already walked in your shoes are sharing their experiences, supporting each other, and helping to maintain that close-knit family you had during your service.

While our community is excellent at answering questions in individual channels, we also offer a path for a longer-term relationship one-on-one with volunteer members that are already established in cybersecurity.  Our mentorship program pairs members who request guidance, be it technical, networking, or navigating their military transition, with members who have volunteered to donate their time and expertise to facilitate an ongoing relationship with newer members.  Requests for mentorship (or to become a mentor) can be submitted inside of our community platform.

Employment Resources

One of the best things about our community of over 3,000 people working in cybersecurity is the professional network and the constant sharing of opportunities.  Within our community platform is our #jobs-listing and #jobs-discussion panel, where you can discuss the ins and outs of any job you’re looking at and find jobs posted by your peers, all looking to help get you into the industry.

By helping to put our members in direct contact with the industry, provide them with numerous educational opportunities to gain hands-on skills and theoretical knowledge, as well as improve their resumes and interview skills, we are able to support more veterans and get them into lasting employment.

A common challenge military veterans face is understanding how to translate their skills from their military service into applicable traits that the cybersecurity industry is looking for and then articulate them on a resume.  Join our #resume-help channel, read our pinned posts, and take our course in our Learning section of the website on resume building.

VetSec can help build and fine-tune your resume through the use of our peer review service.  Share your resume in our community and let us help to ensure you’ll get the direct interaction you need with hiring managers and employers.

We are now directly engaging on your behalf with hiring managers and employers who understand the benefits of hiring veterans, and appreciate the value that veterans will bring to their companies.  Those who are approved by us and wish to hire our members are able to post their opportunities on our Jobs Board.

This is a service provided free of charge to both our members and the hiring company to help remove any barriers to gaining our talent.

We work with industry leaders to secure spots at workshops and conferences around the country for our members to attend.  Serving as both educational and a great networking opportunity, these events help get the word out to the industry about VetSec and our mission, and help the member network and gain useful indutry awareness – in short, a win win.

Our Training

Immersive Labs - Veterans Digital Cyber Academy

Through our partnership with Immersive Labs, we provide access to the only Veteran Digital Cyber Academy in the United States.  This is a free version of Immersive Labs that is available exclusively to our transitioning members.  Featuring over 250 labs across all domains of cybersecurity, the Veteran Digital Cyber Academy provides an amazing opportunity to get hands on experience in all realms of cyber and decide how best to start their cybersecurity careers.

CompTIA Authorized Academic Partner

CompTIA’s Academic Partner Program prepares today’s students to be employable in our global digital economy.  Through our partnership, we provide tools and resources to help veterans learn fundamental digital skills, IT and Cybersecurity.  As an approved CompTIA Academic Partner, VetSec receives discounted academic pricing for all of our members on all CompTIA learning resources and exam vouches.  Additionally, all students can access the Interactive Career Pathway Planning Tool, which is a “dynamic resource that provides students with details on how certifications can help develop a variety of IT career pathways and includes median national salary data and employment forecasts for specific IT job roles.”

Fortinet Network Security Academy

VetSec is proud to partner with Fortinet to deliver the Fortinet Network Security Expert (NSE) training and all certifications FREE for ALL VetSec members.  This program consists of:

Center for Cyber Security Training

VetSec is proud to partner with the Center for Cyber Security Training to provide more advanced trainings to our members already established in cyber security.  Descriptions of the courses are below:


Through our partnership with TryHackMe, 10 members of VetSec each month will gain a 1-month voucher for access to all of the paid content on TryHackMe’s gamified cybersecurity learning platform.  TryHackMe’s platform helps bring together the best in learning in a hands-on manner to teach people rather than let them beat their heads against a brick wall for hours.


Through our partnership with Splunk and as part of the $100 million Splunk Pledge, ALL VetSec members have access to Splunk Fundamentals I and II.

Fundamentals I will teach you how to search and navigate in Splunk, use fields, get statistics from your data, create reports, dashboards, lookups, and alerts.  Scenario-based examples and hands-on challenges will enable you to create robust searches, reports, and charts.  It will also introduce you to Splunk’s datasets features and Pivot interface.

Fundamentals II focuses on searching and reporting commands as well as on the creation of knowledge objects.  Major topics include using transforming commands and visualizations, filtering and formatting results, correlating events, creating knowledge objects, using field aliases and calculated fields, creating tags and event types, using macros, creating workflow actions and data models, and normalizing data with the Common Information Model (CIM). 

Level Effect Cyber Defense Analyst Bootcamp

Through a partnership with Level Effect, VetSec is proud to offer a single seat to every cohort of the Cyber Defense Analyst Bootcamp at Level Effect, created and taught by Ex-NSA and industry senior instructors. The Cyber Defense Analyst bootcamp teaches students how to defend and protect an organization’s Windows networks.  You will also learn how to assess and communicate threats to executives and implement organization wide security practices.

This bootcamp is worth 47 credits to a Bachelor of Science degree at Purdue University global, and is built to meet an exceed the US federal government and Department of Defense NIST NICE Cyber Defense Analyst requirements.  Classes are kept to a maximum of 35 students for personal learning, with over 200 hours of live instruction and over 300 hours of labs. Level Effect has an over 92% job placement rate within a 3-month average after graduation.

TCM Security Academy Partner

Through a partnership with TCM Security Academy, VetSec is proud to offer a 20% discount off their Practical Network Penetration Tester certification with training, and 50% off all courses in the TCM Academy.  Additionally, VetSec and TCM Security are donating one full PNPT voucher each quarter to a veteran in need.

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