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VetSec 103: The Art of the Resume
Expires After: Does not Expire

Your resume is your ticket into the hiring process, past that Applicant Tracking System (ATS). This course leverages years of experience from industry professionals condensed into an easy-to-follow manner to help with formatting your resume and translating your hard-earned military experience into actionable items on your resume, sure to impress your future employer.

VetSec 300: Choosing Your Path
Expires After: Does not Expire

VetSec 210: Networking Fundamentals
Expires After: Does not Expire

This course will teach you the base knowledge required to get “good” at networking. Thanks to our buddy Dennis at Hopper’s Roppers, and some great learning from Professor Messer, you’re going to get deep in hands-on networking, and wrap it up with your Network+ certification from CompTIA. Enjoy!

VetSec 220: Security Fundamentals
Expires After: Does not Expire

This course focuses on the practical application of security theory – risk, threat modeling, and how you can defend yourself and others online.

VetSec 200: Computing Fundamentals
Expires After: Does not Expire

Welcome to the Technical Foundation level. This course will teach you the fundamentals of computing and the skills needed to learn whatever else you come across in your journey. You will be confident in the Linux environment, and be able to know how things work well enough to effectively troubleshoot problems you come across.

VetSec 105: Preparing Yourself
Expires After: Does not Expire

This course is dedicated to preparing you, mind and body, for a career in security. Burnout is real, imposter syndrome is real, and many people come in to making their first attempt at a cybersecurity career not knowing how to learn effectively. This course will help you do just that.

VetSec Enrollment Verification
Expires After: Does not Expire

This course exists to allow you to generate a certificate of enrollment for use with our partners (at this time CompTIA and their SheerID service) to verify your membership with VetSec.

Note: You must have completed VetSec 101: Orientation to enroll in this course.

VetSec 102: Networking With LinkedIn
Expires After: Does not Expire

So they’ve told you networking is important. You’ve been told to make the most of LinkedIn, but you’re not really sure what all you can, the best practices, or the things to avoid. This course will walk you through building your LinkedIn Profile so you can make the most of networking into the field you want to be in, or finding people so you can keep skilling up.

VetSec 101: Orientation
Expires After: Does not Expire

Welcome to VetSec! This orientation course is the first course in our offering and is geared around introducing your to VetSec, your membership, and how to make the most of the resources we have to offer. In this course, you will be introduced to our learning management system, connect to and introduce yourself in our Slack community, explore the various channels, and be introduced to some of the resources you can find here on our website.

This course will introduce you to the website and resources contained with in, discuss how to access the jobs board, and finally, most importantly, how to interface with our community via our Slack platform.

Again, welcome to VetSec!