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Our Mission

Simply put, our mission is to create a world where no veteran pursuing a career in cybersecurity goes unemployed.  VetSec is a US-based, 501(c)(3) non-profit accepting active-duty, reservists, and veterans from the United States and friendly nations into our community. We want to provide the nearly 200,000 people who transition out of the military in the United States every year with a path to employment in cybersecurity, if they desire.

By doing so, we help our military veterans who have made the sacrifice for us and we help alleviate the employment gap in the cybesecurity industry.  We believe that you shouldn’t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to get into the cybersecurity industry.  By leveraging resources that veterans already have, along with the free and low-cost resources provided by our strategic partners, VetSec provides mentorship to help you learn the domains of cyber and the path you want to take, and then sets in front of you a learning path that will get you into the field.


Our History

VetSec started with our Founders who saw the value in a veteran-oriented community within the cybersecurity industry.  They saw the problems our servicemembers separating from the military were facing with unemployment, and the growing skills demand within the cybersecurity industry; in short, a fast-growing skills gap that could be solved by better employing our veterans. Our Founders saw the important of a community-based approach first and foremost.  They also committed to providing our services at no cost to our service members, and thanks to the hard work of our board and generosity of our sponsors, we still remain free to join, and all of our resources remain free to our members.

VetSec was incorporated as a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit on May 10th, 2019, and we remain committed to the mission of creating a world where no veteran pursuing a career in cybersecurity goes unemployed to this day.  Our first strategic partnership launched in March of 2020 with eLearnsecurity (now INE), and our partnership with them remains our longest.  In October of 2020, we launched VetSecCon, an all-virtual conference open to everyone to learn more about our mission and hear from expert speakers throughout the industry.  Since then, we have continued to work to provide better resources to our members and grow our community into a space every separating military members would want to join.

We Need Your Support

Our resources will always be free to our military servicemembers.  We rely on strategic partners, sponsors and donations from the general community, which are all tax-deductible.  Please consider supporting us via a donation, volunteering your time, or sharing information about VetSec with your employer.  For more information on how you may be able to help, please contact us at [email protected].

Tom Marsland

Board Chairman

Tom served 22 years in the US Navy’s Submarine force, and currently is the VP of Technology at Cloud Range.  He holds a B.S. in IT Security and M.S. in Cybersecurity along with numerous industry certifications.  He has a lifelong passion for helping the community and has been the Board Chair since June of 2020.

Dallas Moore


Dallas has over 10 years experience in Cybersecurity Operations, having held roles as an Incident Responder, Threat Hunter, and Threat Intelligence Analyst. He holds an M.S. in Information Technology / Information Security as well as a plethora of industry certifications.

Board of Directors

Our operational Board works tirelessly to ensure the best for our members.  

Jake Knowlton


Jake is a former USAF Airborne Systems Engineer (1A3) that flew on the RC/OC-135 ISR platforms.  He has a lifelong curiosity in information security, with the past ten years in various IT, infosec, or technical roles.

Jose Mejia


Jose served in the Arizona Army National Guard as a Signal Support Systems Specialist before working in various roles in the cybersecurity industry.  He currently works as a Customer Advisor.

Elliott Gorman

Member At-Large

Elliott is a Systems Engineer with a passion for spreading the news about VetSec.  He served as an LAV Crewman with the United States Marine Corps Reserve.

Our Founders

Without our Founders, we wouldn’t be here today.  Both of them played pivotal roles in making our company what we are today.  

Heath Adams

The Cyber Mentor, also the Founder of TCM Security, is our original founder. Heath saw the need for a veteran community in cybersecurity. Without him, VetSec would’ve never been started.  Much of his vision is captured in what we continue to do today.

Elliot Chernofsky

Elliot was pivotal in helping to incorporate VetSec as a non-profit organization.  With Heath, he saw the benefit of transforming the organization from a community to an organization that could help veterans get into cybersecurity with tangible benefits.

Creating a world where no veteran pursuing a career in cybersecurity goes unemployed.

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